Note to self

I am a stranger to myself somedays

I constantly check my phone for texts which i know will never exist now.

My laughter turns into sobs. I weep oh boy do i weep, into the ground with a crumbled body shaking through hell

Still unaware of what i lost and what i look for .

May be i am looking for the friendship which i thought i would cherish my whole life or may be the promises which i thought are meant to be lived together.

Now when he is gone all his promises are gone too. If you are never going to talk to me again that’s ok. I know you promised me 5 months back that you are never going to leave me in the middle of chaos. Whenever i will look back i will always have your hands on my back to push me towards my journey of life. To help me to heal my wounds. But i also know that sometimes it snows in the middle of april. Now when you are gone

A NOTE TO SELF: Now i understood that things happen that aren’t supposed to.

– from the last letter i ever wrote to you

Even when my body has decayed and returned back to the dirt, my soul will still wander amidst the lush green air and the cries of the sky. I will be the source of unkept unrest on the earth. I will not stop until i will find where the last piece of my puzzle fits.




Letting him go was never so easy for me

After all he was “the love of my life”

But holding him was also not possible for me at the cost of my self respect.

At the end of my day, i wanted to go back to him who looks at me and smile like I’m his whole world..

But some relationships are not meant to last forever…..

He reminds me of that one ray of sun during winters- i replied

He reminds you of a season?- someone asked.

Yes, he is like that one warm,beautiful ,glowing ray of sun which enlightens my life every morning.

You guys are made for each other. Everyone use to compliment us.But i think this compliment was not meant to be forever.No matter how useless i use to feel,but you always made me realise that i was the reason of your smile.You were like the ocean, you came in waves but you never stayed with me.I’m sorry i gave you everything that you don’t even needed .Now you are no more like those warm rays of sun for me during my winter mornings.I can never unlove you, its just that i love you now in a different way.

Even if we’re not together now, I’m glad that you were a part of my life.

Now my happiness doesn’t depend upon your attitude.

After loosing him,i found the real me..

Now i light up the night- time sky for myself because now i’m the only light of my life. I could’ve been yours,but you were busy in chasing the stars..

At last i could only say..


his departure was fixed earlier,but it was my mistake that i couldn’t sense it earlier.


Body on sale

That touch on my naked body

That runs my blood cold

That shrinks my heart

That hurt my body

I’ll plead , if i have to

To escape this sand castle that only gives scars on my body

I’m not a deal or not a source of entertainment

I’m also a human being…

Those scars remind me that i’m hollow

I also thought of a perfect family..

To love and to be loved by them

But that touch ruined my life

Now i have to live with those scars

I feel nothing but i can hear my blood roaring

Organs have failed

That reminds me that yes you are alive but still not living

Everytime the storm whirls in my ears

Now i want you to touch me,to feel me

So that i can rise with the sun of next beautiful morning to feel that pain and know that still i’m breathing….

jahnvi sharma 🍁

101% HAPPY 🥀

Are you happy?

Everyday we use to ask this question.

But are we really happy?

In this world full of chaos, even a small smile can make you happy…..

I close my eyes searching for the stars

That guide me through days when it’s too sunny to open my eyes

But when i see them, sitting in the corner smiling for no reason,

That smile for no reason make me smile….

I can hear only the voice that signs to me about the eternal affliction under the sky..

The joy of looking fordward to the day

When i was courageous enough to smile through my eyes and embrace my soul,Hopefully give me a piece of mine..

The day when we will realise the real meaning of smile



I’m living to die….

It was a time when i was completely a stranger to myself. Death introduced me the meaning of myself. Death is not a tragedy, its a new phase in which all u are going to have is yourself..

Living is finding peace within but death will give you the peace which u can never find in anything. Living doesn’t only mean roaming around, hooking up, cleaning your wardrobe. These are not the real meaning of life. So what does it really mean?

Living is to understand this puppet show of life. Living is getting that kick by helping someone. Living is not thinking about death. Living is enjoying every second of this world watch. To live is to see and listen…

Death is inevitable.

All our lives we just fear death whereas all we fear is to die without getting that one kick of life, that peace for which we crave. We need to break this circle of life and listen to the voice within.

Make sure that your ride towards death will be enchanting and enlightening: because we are living to die.

-jahnvi sharma

He became her 11:11 wish ❤

The day she met him, she started believing in love at first sight…..

He love that feeling he got when he saw her smile…

Love for her was someone telling her that i want you to be my life and i want to be your 11:11 wish..

I will be there no matter what will be the situation…. and i will always love you the way i do now……….

Love gave them a beautiful relationship for the rest of their life….

She wanted a promise from him, the day any of us wants to get out of this relation, we will tell it and will end this relation on a happy note….

The day he gave her that promise…

He became her 11:11 wish come true

I am asifa

Another day passed away.. ..

Another crime took place…

Another girl’s life was sacrificed…

But this time i dont think it was my fault…

I am asifa…

The girl who is getting so much popularity after sacrificing her life…

This time i dont think it was my fault…

I’m only 8 year old baby girl..

Was that my fault?

Or trusting that uncle whom i thought my well wisher was my fault?

Or was it just about a hindu muslim indifference because of which i lost my life….

No it was not my fault…

It was his fault who raped me…

It was his fault who raped me at a place where girls were worshipped as goddess..

It was his mother’s fault who can teach her son that girl are not meant to satisfy your hunger of lust..

It was his fault if he couldn’t notice the pain on my small innocent face because he was busy in satisfying his greed for lust…

He raped me in that temple where once i was worshipped as goddess..

I pleaded in front of him to leave me but i think my voice can’t reach his ears because he was busy tyring to kill my soul…

People use to blame girls for inviting boys to rape them..

But i dont think i invited him…

Whaat wass myy faultt ???

Everytime when a girl become a food of such kind of wolfs what all you do…

Protest for few day…

Media add some ingredients of their own …..

Some people support these dogs …

And then after sometime some other girl suffer… and history repeat itself..

The one who is supporting my rapist..

The killer of my soul ..

U are also equally responsible for my death..

Yes i was a muslim but i was a child tooo…

Only thing i could say now is

“humanity is dead, and we are beasts”

I wish my rapists will also feel the

same pain my mother is facing…

All i can say is it was not my fault…